About Us

africaJUICE is a dynamic young company that has set targets to become a major producer and exporter of tropical fruit juices from select countries in Africa to the large markets of Europe and the Middle East, as well as local and regional customers.

Our strategy is to develop and operate our own plantations. This provides a secure fruit supply to our juice processing facilities and enables ongoing optimisation of agricultural practices to achieve maximum yields and high quality levels. We will also support the development of efficient and reliable outgrowers (contract farmers) to increase the supply of fruit to our processing facilities thereby limiting the need for further capital investment.

The africaJUICE team has extensive experience in horticultural production and processing; in plantation establishment and management; and in establishing and operating businesses in Africa. 

africaJUICE is committed to the principles of sustainable development and sets high standards in the way that we work. In practice, this means that we will deliver the highest quality products to our customers, secure attractive returns for our investors, and deliver positive social and environmental impacts in our operations. We are committed to Fairtrade operations, adherence to International Labour Organisation principles, community participation in the business, and a low carbon-footprint operation. We believe that these all help to strengthen our business and contribute to the delivery of the UN Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

africaJUICE is a company registered in the Netherlands.