africaJUICE focuses on establishing operations where there are excellent growing conditions for tropical fruit to allow us to deliver reliable high quality products to this rapidly growing high-value market. The reasons why you may decide to investigate opportunities to invest in africaJUICE are:

  • we have identified a growing, under-served market which offers substantial product and geographic expansion opportunities, and is built on a replicable execution approach
  • we have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering the africaJUICE approach
  • we have a robust business model which delivers attractive returns, and a quick payback
  • strong environmental performance waste to energy and fertiliser and water conservation
  • the opportunity to invest in Fairtrade and true sustainable development supporting the delivery of the UN Millennium Development Goals in Africa
  • our first project delivers net revenues and cash quickly as we transform the existing farm

New Investors
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Existing Investors

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