africaJUICE currently produces Fairtrade and conventional passion fruit and mango products. We can supply single strength (not from concentrate) juices, concentrates and purees, as well as associated products such as aroma, seeds, oils and pulp.

One of the key advantages of the Upper Awash valley in Ethiopia is that it can produce fruit almost all year round and therefore we can provide a secure and consistent supply to our customers.

We are now starting the development of other fruit products, including pomegranate, and acerola and more niche tropical fruits. In addition, our development plan includes an evaluation of citrus fruits, such as lemon, lime,orange and grapefruit.

The management of the supply chain from plantation, through processing and transport is focused on delivering the highest quality levels. We are HACCP and SGF certified, and are implementing ISO9001.

Our aim is to deliver exactly what our customers want. Please contact us to speak about your specific product requirements.