africaJUICE has a target to establish at least three production locations across Africa.

Our first project is the Upper Awash Project in Ethiopia. The first phase of this project (2009-2013) involved an investment of around US$10 million to rehabilitate an existing state-owned fruit farm in the Upper Awash region of Ethiopia, the establishment of yellow passion fruit plantations and the construction of an EU-compliant processing facility. The second phase of the project is now underway and will see further investment to expand the plantations and processing facility as well as increasing product diversification.

Our approach is to secure the delivery of the Upper Awash Project and then replicate the success of the model in other locations in Ethiopia and across Africa. These other locations will both expand the volume potential of existing products and diversify our product range into juices, concentrates and purees of fruits such as banana, guava, pineapple, jackfruit and other exotic tropicals.

The second production project will also be in Ethiopia and prospecting has been carried out by africaJUICE in other locations in East and West Africa.

We design our projects from the outset to be models of sustainable development, incorporating elements to ensure they deliver substantial social, environmental and economic returns. Through a variety of measures outlined in more detail in Our Approach we will strengthen the business and ensure overall sustainability.