Our Strategy to be Profitable

africaJUICE is committed to delivering an economically successful business that provides attractive returns for investors. Our strategy to deliver a profitable business is based on the following: 

We develop and operate our own fruit plantations to provide an integrated supply chain which can guarantee the supply to our processing facilities and support the development of best agricultural practices ensuring maximum yields and quality levels. In addition, we support the development of outgrowers to supplement fruit supply and create additional opportunities for the local communities to participate in the new ventures. 

The key competitive advantages of security of supply and high quality levels coupled with our commitment to sustainable development will allow us to gain sufficient market share within the rapidly growing markets of Europe and the Middle East.  

Our selected locations also deliver low cost of production and supply in comparison to our key competitors. This combined with an ability to reliably enter and deliver on long-term agreements, helps protect margins in times of price volatility.