africaJUICE Tibila Share Company

Our first project is the africaJUICE Tibila Share Company plantation in Ethiopia's Upper Awash valley, some 150 km to the south-east of the capital Addis Ababa.  The project involves the transformation of a former state-owned fruit farm to create a high technology modern tropical fruit plantation and the construction of a new processing facility, all operating under Fairtrade principles.

We started operations in 2009 and the first phase saw an investment of US$10million to rehabilitate the farm, establish the first passion fruit plantations and construct the processing facility. We currently have over 500 hectares of tropical fruits and citrus planted. The next phase of the project will see further investment to expand our passion fruit plantations and the introduction of new fruit varieties to diversify our product base. The processing facility will also be expanded.

At the same time, we have planned to support the development of over 1,200 hectares of outgrowers (contract farmers) over the next 10 years to supplement the supply and extend community participation. To date almost 100 hectares are in development.

The Upper Awash valley, where the Tibila plantation is located, offers climatic conditions that are close to optimum for growing tropical fruits, especially passion fruit. The area receives low rainfall, but has significant ground and river water sources which provide a highly controllable supply of water the plantations. This results in a high quality product that can be produced.

We have designed the africaJUICE Tibila Share Company to be a model of sustainable development. For more details please consult the following pdf documents: africaJUICE Overview and africaJUICE Outgrower Incubator Project. Download our Social and Environmental Overview 2013/14.

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